WellingtonWellington, our friendliest, most cuddly cat has been missing for over a week.

A couple months ago, he finally figured out how to use the dog door and followed his teenage kitten buddies outside. He was a little perplexed about the outdoors and usually stayed right around the house, meowing at the front door to get back in at any opportunity.

But early last week, I drove away to be gone for most of the afternoon, spotting him standing in the driveway, watching me, and I haven’t seen him since.

I hope he didn’t get hit by a car or eaten by a fox or something. Welly isn’t really the brightest cat. (It DID take him over a year to figure out how the dog door worked.) But man oh man was he friendly. He let everybody pick him up and pet him and love him and he just ate it all up.

The more likely thing (and the one I’m hoping for) is that he made friends with another family and, because he had no collar on, they just took him in. He probably got stuck in their house and just accepted his fate because that’s just how he is. Welly is friendly and handsome. Who wouldn’t want him? He does have an ID microchip though, so if a vet or the Humane Society scans him, they’ll be able to get my contact info.

One of my housemates’ cats is also missing (now for about a month). Our third working theory is that they have both gone off and joined a rogue group of pirate cats led by one of our other cats who “moved out” when we got a dog a couple years ago. (We say “moved out” because we did still see him around for quite a few months after he left due to the cantankerous dog. He’d come around, see us, meow a hello, then trot away. Pretty sure he moved in with some non-dog-owning family because he looked perfectly healthy and well fed.)

And yes, we check the Humane Society website for their little faces almost every day. We’ve walked and searched and called out their names. But nothing. We haven’t yet canvassed the neighborhood with flyers on every door yet, but I think that is probably coming.

I do very much miss my Welly.

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