Tuesday Tales: When the Minute and the Hour Hands Got Married [Part 2]

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Connor held out his hand to his beautiful bride. Elodie joined him in front of the Dimensional Traveling Machine. His excitement bubbled over his heart, and he swept her into his arms, kissing her with a deep passion. Elodie, flushed with her own furor and giggled before he pulled away, electrifying Connor’s resolve to move forward.

Elodie straightened her dress and fluffed her messy, tied up hair. “You first, love.”

“No, no,” Connor admonished, shaking his head, “ladies first.”

Without hesitation, his young wife placed her hands on the machine. “If you insist!” She giggled again, that magical sound that reminded Connor of all the joyous things in this world.

He clicked his tongue and waggled his index finger at her playfully. “I should have known you’d want to steal the glory.” His deft hands began making adjustments to the dials. “We shall do with a few seconds to start, shall we?”

“Very wise, Mr. Forks.” Elodie cracked her knuckles, then put her hands back on the two spiraling copper coils which served as conductor handles. “One ticket to the future, please.”

The machine’s design only allowed for one traveler at a time. This flaw was a matter of energy consumption. If they wanted to return, the machine would need to keep power in reserve, lest the traveler get trapped in another slice of the fourth dimension—or worse, between slices like so much strawberry jam.

“Are you ready, my dear?” Connor’s lips tingled with the desire to kiss her once more, but he would wait. A return kiss would certainly be in order in just a moment or two.

Elodie beamed as though she knew he wanted her. “Let’s shove off!”

Connor stepped back several paces, holding the wireless radio control box to his chest. He pulled the antenna out as far as it would go. “All aboard!” Taking one last, longing look at his bride, he turned the dial five clicks.

[to be continued…]



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