Saturday Skill: Cooking Collection

We’ve had an out-of-state friend in town for the last few days, and one of the things I love doing when new people are in town is host home cooked dinners. Thus, we have been enjoying home cooked food since Wednesday evening. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures…

But I can tell you that we had Chinese curry Wednesday, baked ravioli Thursday, Beth’s taco salad Friday, and DIY pizzas tonight.


My Chinese curry sauce was from a box, but it is one of my old standbys from way back in college. I’ve been making that curry for YEARS and for many people. Pretty simple—pick a protein, add cubed potatoes, maybe bell peppers, plus the culinary trinity: onions, celery, and carrots. I always add some frozen peas at the very end. Cools it down a bit and keeps the peas bright green, Lovely!

Our friend made the baked ravioli, which had this AMAZING homemade marinara that he worked on lovingly all day. It was out of this world. One surprising ingredient was fennel, which I think I’m going to have to try next time I make marinara. He made a giant pan of it for 8 people, and we only had a few servings leftover. Must try this one myself in the future.

jiffymixBeth’s taco salad is a recipe I’ve had for over 10 years. I joined Beth’s Bible study when I first got back to the Springs. She served it one night, and I raved about it for days. The ground beef is seasoned with chili powder and Catalina dressing. Such a strange combination, but it is INCREDIBLE.

Our DIY pizza nights are always great for when we have a lot of people over. Jiffy makes a 60-cent boxed pizza crust mix which is actually quite good! Add some Italian seasonings, and you’ve got a pretty fancy pizza crust for less than a dollar. We usually split the dough into two crusts, so just 5 boxes makes 10 individual pizzas. All we need to add are a bunch of bowls with various toppings, cheese, and a can of spaghetti sauce, and we’re good to go. Fun times!

Tomorrow after church, we’re doing homemade soup and ham or turkey sandwiches for lunch, but I’m not sure what we’ve got going for dinner yet. I’m sure it’ll be something yummy.

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