The staff of the ministry where I work had a team building event at a place called Mystery Quest today. It’s a place where your group gets locked in a room and have to work together in order to find clues, solve problems, and finally find the key to escape the room. The team gets one hour.

I was a bit¬†skeptical about the whole thing but tried to remain positive. As I told two of my friends today, “It’s just…weird. I don’t know. I’m cautiously optimistic. It will probably be fun but I’m like…this is out of my comfort zone–yo.”

One of my friends then replied encouragingly, “If you never did anything out of your comfort zone, you would never do anything new. It looks fun.” Well, she was right! I was pleasantly surprised at how fascinating the experience was. I even figured out the two last puzzles which gave us the key to escape. I would definitely do it again.

Afterward, thinking about how my friend had said to get out pf my comfort zone, I saw this sign hanging out in the lobby:


Comfort Zone

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