What’s Up Wednesday: Summer is the WORST

What’s been on my mind lately? How STINKING HOT it is right now. We had a record-breaking high the other day. It was 102 degrees. This is unacceptable, Summer!

I know we don’t have it nearly as bad as other places, but this is my one major weather complaint. I hate high temperatures in summer. HATE. I’m a terrible baby when it comes to being hot and sweaty just walking out to my car or sitting at my desk. I hate feeling the sun on my face or my arm while I’m driving, but I’m forced to have the windows down, letting in the sun, because it’s a MILLION DEGREES in the car.

In the summer, I sweat bullets just navigating my house to clean it for a few hours—especially when I’m upstairs. I cannot emphasize enough how much I sweat and how much I hate sweating. I’m having to take cold showers before bed just to make it possible to sleep at all, because not only is is HOT, but I am also coated in a thin layer of dried sweat. And that is an awful feeling. Almost as bad at being coated in wet sweat. (Not quite, but it’s close.)

Summer is the WORST.

This is all I can think about doing when it’s summer:

I want it to be no more than 68 degrees all the time.

To combat the summer heat that thoughtlessly, evilly accumulates in our house, we’ve been putting fans in the windows at night and sucking in as much cool air as possible. That is one wonderful thing about Colorado—our nights are almost always much, much cooler than the day. (Unlike places like Texas where it can still be 90 degrees at 3 AM. That’s hellish, people. Hellish.) The fans are working OK right now, but if it could  be cooler than 72 degrees inside, we might all be happier, more productive people.

We are also going to investigate having a whole house fan installed in order to suck out the heat that collects at the top of the house and use it to warm the outside instead. The outside can handle it. My house needs to be livable and not melt all the people and the cats and the chocolate.

Summer, that’s just bad manners.

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