What’s Up Wednesday: Fast Lane



Life has been moving pretty fast lately—but in a good way. We had friends over for an early 4th of July celebration (wherein I made waaaay too much food), I potted plants for the front porch (which makes me exceedingly happy every time I look at them), trimmed bushes (they no longer attack visitors on the walkway), and finally got my tomato plants transplanted into the garden bed (yay tomatoes!). Quite the busy holiday weekend! But because I was so busy, I missed a few blog posts. Though I’m giving myself permission to let that go. There’s no need to heap guilt where guilt doesn’t need to be.

This Saturday just got freed up a little, and I’m actually thinking about more outside work things we can do. The backyard needs a major clean up to make room for a new compost box my dad will be making for me as a birthday present (yes, I’m a strange lady), and the side yard requires some serious trimming of the bushes.  I should start chronicling all of these things with pictures…

Well, there’s not much else up right now other than plotting and planning for future yard endeavors. Which sounds very weird, considering I’m not much into outdoor work… We have a lot of room out there, and it would be great if we could make all that room into more of a living space than a source of more chores.

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