Sunday Free Day: The Sleep with Me Podcast

A few months ago, I caught up to the present with my all-time favorite podcast Stuff You Should Know (SYSK). They had several HUNDRED episodes backlogged by time I discovered them a couple years ago, but I blazed through them like potato chips. However, when I caught up to the present, I experienced an aching emptiness that I did not expect.* My seemingly endless supply of Josh and Chuck had up and disappeared! What in the world was I going to listen to now?


My brother and me at the Gothic Theater when we saw SYSK Live

Anyway, since SYSK had dried up to 2 measly episodes a week, I had to find something new to binge. I did discover a few gems which may or may not end up being addictions (not a lot measures up to the greatness of SYSK for that kind of podcast). But during my search, I stumbled upon possibly the brightest and most practically wonderful thing: the Sleep With Me podcast, “the podcast that puts you to sleep.” Tonight, I finally submitted an iTunes review, so I’ll put my accolades in that form here:

SWM_logoThe Sleep With Me podcast really does work! It’s just interesting enough to stop you from thinking about other things but just boring enough to give your brain permission to tune it out as the narrator lulls to you to sleep with his soothing, meandering voice.

I instantly loved this podcast from the first night I listened to it. When troubling thoughts are nagging my mind, I can listen to Scooter ramble on about what happened on Game of Thrones (in the most “droning” way possible) or continue his weird spiritual fiction story or pretend he’s walking through Trader Joe’s and meeting random people, and those troubling thoughts simply get lost.

I also have a problem with waking in the middle of the night, but because I fall asleep pretty quickly now, I miss at least half of the podcast and can just rewind back to about 30 minutes in to listen to something “new” that I just slept through. (And it puts me right back to sleep.) This podcast is absolutely magical!

No, seriously. I love this podcast so much that after only two weeks, I became a Sleep With Me Podcast Patreon to help the support the show on a monthly basis. THAT is being a fan, friends.

Sleep With Me was on my mind tonight because I mentioned it to my dear cousin who suffers from insomnia. I hope this podcast helps her! If you suffer from insomnia or just toss and turn, thinking too many thinks, give it a few nights’ worth of tries. And then let me know if works for you!


* NOTE: I don't know why I was surprised that I went through SYSK withdrawal. When I ran out of episodes of the We're Alive zombie podcast / audio drama, I went through crazy withdrawal symptoms! Thankfully, they recently released a 6-part series called "Lockdown" that I'm getting my fix on now. Alas, I've only got 2.5 more episodes to go before withdrawal sets in again.

2 comments on “Sunday Free Day: The Sleep with Me Podcast

  • I will have to check out Stuff You Should Know! I recently discovered This American Life and am addicted. I will be so sad when I catch up and have to wait for its once a week broadcast. I will have to tell Travis about the Sleep With Me one – he sucks at sleeping. Thanks!

    • I LOVE This American Life! VERY addicting. Last week’s was so, so tough to listen to. If you like This American Life, you might enjoy Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People. It’s a podcast where an anonymous stranger calls in and talks to the host for up to an hour about anything they want. They just see where the conversation leads. It is QUITE fascinating. I hope Sleep With Me helps Travis! 🙂

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