I am certainly a creature of habit. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been making these daily lists and having some time with God every morning. This practice has been one of the most beneficial and centering things I have done in all my life. Today, my schedule got a bit jostled when I accidentally turned off my alarm and didn’t leave sufficient time to do my routine before leaving for church.

By time I got to the afternoon, I was both a little stunned and yet not surprised that I felt 100% off my game. I was disappointed that I’d gotten nothing done that I’d thought I would have accomplished by then. I was depressed about things that shouldn’t have upset me as badly as they did. Likely, many other factors could have gone into my downswing of mood, but I feel that if I had had a chance to self-care in the morning, the day would have gone a lot different.

This experience has opened my eyes to how much I had come to rely on that routine though. It shows precisely how much this self-care has been good for me and how much it has balanced my emotions, productivity, and relationships.

Self-care is not only essential to mental health, it is VITAL for life.

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