Everything I need to know about home repairs, fixing things, and building things from scratch, I learned from my dad. Saturday, my dad and I went to Lowe’s to investigate whole house fans and pick up a few things for the garden and front porch. As we walked through, my dad took every opportunity to impart his wisdom about various things that I was interested in. If he didn’t despise working with kids so much, I would definitely think he’d have made a great school teacher. ūüėČ

We ended up spending the entire day together, which was wonderful because we rarely get to do that these days. I learned about many things from how to figure out how many cubic feet of dirt I needed for my planter boxes; to which stones would be best to build¬†the raised garden I’m planning for the front yard; to which are the best, most effective products for dividing one’s yard from the neighbor’s; to how a house fan works; to learning the different kinds of insulation you can have in your attic and how they’re rated; to how much it’s going to cost to re-insulate my attic, and how much it may save me over time; to how to tell which branches need to be pruned on my¬†giant trees.

Not to mention all the fantastic ideas he imparted while we walked the backyard and talked about how to make it a more effective and enjoyable living space!

I appreciate my dad so much and have learned a TON of tiny things from him over the many years growing up and helping him with the car or with fixing things around the house. Those skills have served me very well throughout my life.

Thanks, Dad! Thank you for equipping your daughter to be a handy woman who can hold her own when things break, can problem solve in practically any situation, and is proud that she owns her own fortified¬†toolbox, staple gun, and cordless power drill. (I also learned that it’s about $50 for a small chainsaw. Hmm…)

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